New York, NY ยท Barcelona, Spain

I design and lead teams

to create meaningful,

highly crafted experiences.

Profile photo of Jolanta. She is slightly turned to the left and smiling.
Hello, I am Jolanta. ๐Ÿ‘‹

I have extensive experience delivering end-to-end products and scaling systems thinking throughout complex platforms and multiple products.

Most recently, I designed products for Instagram.
Previously, for Google and Facebook.

Nice to meet you. โœŒ๏ธ

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Developing and scaling
a design system

Built, evolved, and expanded Instagram's
design system across platforms.
A mock of Macbook Pro. Open browser of a home page of Playfulbet, social sports betting game.


Shipping accessibility-focused
and equitable products

I led the first centralized Accessibility Team at Instagram.


Enabling expression
through inclusive design

Drove avatar sticker creation and technical execution
to enable a more personalized way to express yourself
in digital communication.
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more about my
latest work.
From the archive โ†“

2013 - 2016

UI/UX, Growth design, illustration


A mock of Macbook Pro. Open browser of a home page of Playfulbet, social sports betting game.

Visual identity, brand, product

Chrino Studio

Open magazine page. Full page photo of a blonde boy wearing black. Chrino logo in the middle of the page

Personal project, UI/UX

Daily UI

Two mocks of an iPhone. First is showing a login page. Second is showing loading page with a illustration of a hamster running inside the wheel.

Motion, Visual effects

Yuri's Omen

Cannes Film Festival logo
A still from a movie. A person in protective clothing is walking in atomic nuclear plants area where all buildings are destroyed.


I'm always up for a good discussion about design systems, tools, design processes, and digital accessibility.
Don't be shy to connect and drop me a line.