My name is Jolanta Norbutaite. I am a graphic designer based in San Francisco, CA. I have experience in a wide range of fields: web design, brand design, print design, video production, illustration. I am always searching how to challenge myself by joining various different projects, startups, and organizations. I am not afraid to roll my sleeves up!

I believe that any design process implies constant exploring, research, experimenting, testing, and learning. I am highly interested in UX, UI and interaction design. I believe that data-based decisions are the way to optimize designs.

I am open to different styles, curious about different tools, and always excited to learn new stuff. Currently, I am diving into Sketch, Invision, and Principle. I think that my strengths lie in my multidisciplinary background, adaptability and natural curiosity.

- I have lived in 5 different European cities: London (UK), Vilnius (Lithuania), Helsinki (Finland), Barcelona (Spain), and Copenhagen (Denmark).
- I have worked in 2 startups: Playfulbet and Chrino Studio.
- I have studied at 4 universities in 3 different countries.
- I have a Bachelor degree in Creative Industries and a Master of Science in Operations and Innovation Management.
- I speak Lithuanian, English, Spanish and some HTML and CSS.
- I am searching for a design-driven team to work with.

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